The urban trendy touch on one of the most famous pieces in the history of design: a piercing applied on the sensual lips of Dark Lady, the new tainted black version of the Bocca sofa.

The original model in red created by Studio 65 in Turin in 1975 in homage to Salvador Dalì has become so famous as to be included in the permanent collection of New York’s MoMA, Paris’ Louvre, Milan’s Permanent Design Collection of Italian design and Denver’s Museum of Modern Art.

Manufacturing objects and furniture from some of the world’s finest avant-garde designers since 1952, Gufram is the antithesis of the Bauhaus philosophy which holds functionalism at its core. 

The quality of Gufram’s history is epitomised by this collection: a series of pieces made from polyurethane foam, which captures the creative journey that started in the late ’60s.




Strong piece in the I Multipli collection of about180 pieces, Bocca is indeed one of the most famous along with Pratone, Cactus and Capitello. Made from cold-expanded polyurethane a dressed in stretchy material, Bocca and its new version DARK LADY, produced in limited edition of only 1000 pieces, are produces by Gufram, the historical Italian company which is now a part of the Charme group (with Cappellini, Poltrona Frau and Gebruder Thonet).



Historical archives Gufram 1971 tribute to Salvador Dalì. Sofa in form of giants lips
in cold foamed polyurethane with differentiated load bearing capacity.
Cover in elastic fabric.

A decorative device in expanded polyurethane, working as clothes-hook.
Surface treated with green Guflac paint.

Giant grass stems form an artificial meadow on which on can easly lie down and relax.
Made in cold foamed polyurethane treated with green washble paint Guflac.


Carpet reproducing in the plebby surface of a river-bank, formed  by tiles all of the same size 50×50 cm. with ondulating profiles.
The elements are made  in expanded polyurethane foam painted with Guflac. Supplied  in single tiles for application to the floor with double adhesive tape or as a decorative panel composed of 4 tiles on a rigid backing for wall hanging.

Outsize golf ball and tee become a surprisingly soft, comfortable seat. In integral gloss-painted fire-retardant polyurethane, support in chromed steel, base covered with synthetic turf. 

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