NAME: Sir Elton Hercules John

YEARS ACTIVE: 1964-present

GENRES: rock, soft rock, pop rock, piano rock

WHY CAMP: he filled arenas and stadiums worldwide, and was arguably the hottest act in the rock world. John was an unlikely rock idol to begin with, as he was short of stature at 5’7″ (1.70 m), chubby, and gradually losing his hair. But he made up for it with impassioned performances and over-the-top fashion sense. Also known for his glasses (he started wearing them as a youth to copy his idol Buddy Holly), his flamboyant stage wardrobe included ostrich feathers, $5,000 spectacles that spelled his name in lights, and dressing up like the Statue of Liberty, Donald Duck, or Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart among others at his concerts made them a success and created interest for his music.





His excessive theatrical persona is based upon exaggeration, frivolity, astonishing costumes and homosexual gesture.




FASHION: Elton and Gianni Versace had been very close friends, speaking to each other twice a week and calling each other “bitch”. “He was like a brother, really, we were both very much the same” explained Elton about his friend. Elton always considered that he has three brothers: lyricist Bernie, Watford the manager Graham Taylor and designer Gianni Versace.

Versace’s involvement grew from clothing Elton in the mid-eighties to helping design the stage, clothes, album and single cover and merchandise of “The One”.

Elton had written and recorded a few instrumentals for Versace’s shows too. In 1995 for example, wrote some “lyrics” for them, more than lyrics, we could say exclamations that accompanied the music. “Into The Jungle” was reminded for the “Gee-ah-nee!” exclamation.

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