How campy could Vintage be?


vintage fair


from 17th to 20th october

The vintage fashion market with more than 50 exhibitors 30 minutes from Milan.





The Castle of Belgioioso, in the nearby of Pavia, last weekend hosted the “Next Vintage” event, dedicated to the vintage´s charming world and its steady evolution.
The 19th edition of “Next Vintage” is being attended by 57 selected exhibitors, and displays not only old treasures discovered in the attic or inside old and dusty trunks.The fair is indeed accompained by the exhibition “Le Rarità.
Costumi di scena” (“Rarities. Stage costumes”), curated by the Cerratelli Foundation. On show, 12 precious stage costumes worn by celebrities like Maria Callas, Sofia Loren, Anna Magnani, Claudia Cardinale, Placido Domingo and Alec Guinness. The show offers a selection of the over 30.000 items owned by the Foundation. The Remake Area is also noteworthy; here, 8 selected exhibitors will display re-examined clothes, objects and accessories. The items were produced by using crumpled, used, embroidered, inlaid and patched fabrics, showing precious and unrepeatable signs of time.

Obviously  I found something so campy!

Starting from candy-shoes…


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