Italian first campy personality: Alberto Camerini


WHO: ALBERTO CAMERINI ( Brasil, 1951) Italian songwriter and singer

WHEN: 1971 –  present

GENRE: punk pop, punk rock

WHY CAMP: the nickname “the Harlequin of rock”, live performance gesticulation, glamourous make-up, song texts


Italian latest dandy: Marco Castoldi alias MORGAN





Marco Castoldi aka Morgan (Monza, Milan, December 23rd 1972) is the singer, bass player, pianist of the Italian glam rock band Bluvertigo.

( Morgan’s favourite singer is David Bowie…obviously!)

NAME: Bluvertigo

YEARS ACTIVE: 1991- 2001 and 2008 – present

GENRES: glam rock, pop rock, psychedelic rock, alternative rock, new wave






WHY CAMP: dandy, changable, brave and bold, stricking but elegant, daring, strange, whimsical and verstile, eclectic, sometimes capricious, always insipred, cheeky and at the same time so shy, impudent but fragile, resourceful, with an incomprehensible mind and soul, his song texts

PopCamp – Fabio Cleto – marcos y marcos

“Il dandismo nella cultura di massa, la sublimazione del Kitsch, una strategia di sopravvivenza nella maschera, nell’ironia, nel tradimento delle intenzioni. Un travestimento psichico, un modo di percepire e deformare il mondo, di renderlo spettacolo nella perversione scenica, nella celebrazione dell’aberrante  e dell’eccentrico. Un discorso elitario, elusivo, inarrestabile, tanto pervasivo quanto indefinibile. Ecco il Camp: un irriducibile eccetera.”

“The dandyism in the folk culture, the sublimation of Kitsch, a strategy of surviving inside the mask, inside irony, inside the betrayal of the intentions.  A psychological disguise, a way of perceiving and deforming  the world, a way of making it as a show with the stage perversion, with the celebration of the freak and the eccentric. An elitist, evasive, irreversible subject, so pervading that it is indefinable. That is Camp: an  unshakeable “…and so on…”.

These are the words that buil up the back-cover of the two books “PopCamp”, Fabio Cleto, marcos y marcos, 2008.

(The two volumes deal wih the whole world of Camp Style, and my pourpose is writing down some ideas found in the book and share those with you all!)